Sampada Lele

Building future experiences with intentional designs. Product designer with a multi-disciplinary design experience of 6+ years. 

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An AI reader app design where you can read, listen and chat with your books.
Contract project/ 3 months
Approach, Competitive analysis, Visual design, Design iterations, Product roadmap, Collaboration, Fast paced
Free tech education for seniors organized by an Ed-tech non-profit.
Volunteer project/ Ongoing. 
Redesign, User reasearch, Card sorting, Information Architecture, Navigation menu, Collaboration

A C2C marketplace website where you can find help for your events.

Contract project/7 months

Product strategy, Webflow, Collaboration, Low-code, Project management, Integrations and workflow automations


Ordering your Chipotle burrito via WhatsApp. 

Personal project

User research, Problem statement, Goal statement, Actionables, Wireframing, Hi-fidelity mockup, Prototyping
Usability Study


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